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    By turns Bohemian, laid-back and cultured, this hip-yet-haute pre-club spot near the Leidseplein is the proverbial bees' knees. With its rust-coloured walls, funky wallpaper and projection screen above the bar showing classic movies, it's got the perfect cachet. Fellow Luxers are writers, painters and designers who quaff beer and cosmos by the silvery light of the films. For those who fancy of spot of dancing, both the Melkweg and Paradiso are nearby. You may be minded to stay, in which case the DJ will keep you suitably entertained, spinning tunes as laid-back as the bar itself. That it draws plenty of beautiful binnenlanders and buitenlanders will come as no surprise. Perhaps it's no bad thing that there's no food to be had here. This enables the bar tenders to apply themselves solely to task of making the drinks and for the most part they do so with signal success. The compact menu changes with the season and reflect the whims of the staff. That said, the repertoire tends to be fairly conventional. Mainstays such Mojitos and Daiquiris figure prominently and very good they are, too. If Lux has one flaw, it is this: it closes too early.

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