Tales and Spirits
    Damplatz, Amsterdam

    About Tales and Spirits


    This new cocktail bar and restaurant serves lovely food and cocktails in a warm atmosphere. Proost! Despite its location, close to the tourist centre of the city, down an insalubrious alleyway, Tales & Spirits is relaxed yet stylish, all bare brickwork, flattering lighting and a dapper collection of bartenders clad in suspenders and skinny ties.

    The drinks are named things like the "Little Miss Trouble", the "Fallen Lady" (which comes dusted with chocolate and black pepper) and the "Ouwe Hoeren" in reference we suppose to its location in the heart of the city's red light neighbourhood. The latter is pink in colour, sweet in taste and rather cheeky in presentation. Putting that aside, the cocktails are fresh and fruity in the main, quite girly, with a few more complex, grown-up tipples available too, though this side of the menu could do with bolstering.
    Read More Food-wise, we're talking steak tartare and a superbly prepared flank steak, decent unfussy food, cooked well. Service is friendly if not yet super slick (though this may come) and the atmosphere is laid-back and welcoming.

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