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    One of the most distinctive aspects of Belgrade’s busy nightlife scene is the series of floating bars and restaurants that are anchored to the banks of the river Danube in parallel with Zemun Quay, one of the best spots in Serbia’s capital city. The most notorious of these venues – though not necessarily the best – is the amusingly named Blaywatch. A mash-up of US TV show ‘Baywatch’ and the Serbian word for ‘hanging around’, this is a sprawling two-level bar and club with an indoor swimming pool, a huge dance floor, two gardens and – just for good measure – both volleyball and basketball courts. It’s a massively popular place, attracting tourists and the city’s moneyed young in their droves. A reservation is often necessary to get through the door and you’d better not turn up in trainers. Once inside you’ll be confronted by a throng of scantily clad members of Belgrade’s glam crowd gyrating with drinks in hand. The alcohol on offer consists of the usual wine, spirits, colourful cocktails and bottled beers a-plenty. As well as live bands, the bar boasts top-notch DJs who play a varied line-up, from international dance hits and bass beats to amped-up versions of local Balkan pop and folk tunes that are enjoyably deafening. Never less than swinging, the place still manages to take it to the next level each Thursday, with drinks offers and possibly even louder music. It's brash and flashy certainly (and expensive by local standards), but Blaywatch is an experience worth having.

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