City-Center, Belgrade

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    A chic space in the ultra-stylish Serbian capital of Belgrade, BoBo Bar has taken the city's nightlife scene by storm since its opening in the latter part of 2014. Feeling simultaneously like the latest in a line of leading cocktail bars in a city known for them and something entirely different still, BoBo Bar balances it all brilliantly. A light and airy mezzanine space, BoBo Bar is home to an eclectic mix of fittings, reminiscent of what you would have imagined the living room of a glamorous 1970s actress or model would have looked like. Retro elegance and cool ooze from every corner of the venue, with palms and colorful rugs running alongside minimalist lighting fixtures and funky furniture pieces. The leafy green prints on the walls help exude a 'tropic-cool' vibe, and the drinks on offer follow suit, being both fun and refreshing. All are beautifully presented in authentic cocktail glassware and garnished to bring out the best notes of the spirits. To the prior point about bringing something utterly unique to the Belgrade bar scene, BoBo Bar also serves some of the most tantalizing sushi in town and along with jazz nights and happy hour, has carved out an uncharted space. 

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