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    This funky international restaurant and bar is located just off Belgrade's main pedestrianised street, Knez Mihailova, which throngs with shoppers during the day and night-owls once the sun has set. Themed after the neighbourhood of the same name in New York, Tribeca has imported a bar-full of Big Apple cool. Modern and achingly stylish, it attracts local celebrities as well as businessmen and a slew of culture vultures. The interior resounds with throbbing beats and a welcome blast of air-con when the place packs out in the early evening. Great music is complemented by attentive bartenders and waiters who combine charm and friendliness with efficient and speedy service. The restaurant has an appropriately international menu, with a wide variety of salads, soups, fish and meat dishes considered by some to be the best food in Belgrade. The cuisine is varied and tasty, with bread and olives served before the meal. You won't be disappointed by the house specialty tagliatelle with duck and the chocolate soufflé is a wonderfully guilty pleasure. There's also a sizeable terrace on which to drink and dine on those long, Balkan summer nights. For a great domestic vibe with a touch of Manhattan madness, this is the place to go. The wine list is impressively extensive, with choices from across the world. It's a thumbs down to the pricing though; Tribeca prices wine by the decilitre rather than by glass, which makes it easy to spend more than you intended. Better to buy a bottle if you're planning on making a night of it.

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