Sable Kitchen and Bar
    Near North Side, Chicago

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    Sable's executive chef Heather Terhune has become somewhat notorious following her turn on Top Chef, where she gained a reputation for her bladed tongue. But her bar and restaurant were doing good things way before she appeared on TV and they continue to serve up tasty American comfort food bison sliders, chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits, baked mac'n'cheese, cherry wood smoked shortribs and the like. We're craving a Truffle Butter Burger in the worst way. Tempting as all that is, if anything the bar is where the real fireworks are. The 40 foot counter is one of the longest in the city, a cool illuminated space where the bartenders can work their magic. Local produce is big on the agenda and the menu is split into cocktails for 'comfort' and cocktails for 'thinking.' Of the latter, the Taking the Fifth mixes rye, Lapsang Souchong, cucumber and soda; Tthe fruity Fortune's Fool meanwhile blends rum, manzanilla sherry, muddled raspberries, mint, and lemon. They're particularly strong on cocktails 'From the Beforetime' Gimlets, Fizzes, Stingers and Sidecars - and you're actively encouraged to customise your perfect martini and Manhattan from their large range of base spirits - the bar boasts a particularly strong selection of amber spirits, as well as a good number of craft beers and a wide range of wines by the glass from a list of over 70 bottles.

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