City-Center, Copenhagen

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    Curfew, situated near the Central Station, has a somewhat humble exterior but inside it’s heaven for cocktail enthusiasts. Award-winning bartender Humberto Marques and his staff serve exceptional drinks and cocktails in a nice and cozy setting, the interior design unique for Copenhagen. 

    The space is full of vintage pieces which have been collected by Humberto himself over many years. He’s very knowledgeable about the discipline of bar tending and the menu contains lots of seasonal drinks, classics and modern interpretations with an emphasis on details, creativity and intriguing flavor combinations.  The name Curfew hints at a story from the building’s past, when the place may have been a local gangster hangout. 

    Open from Tuesday through to Saturday, with prices ranging from 90-120 DKK it’s a must visit for cocktail lovers. There’s plenty to choose from whether you like modern, vintage or classic cocktails. The atmosphere is chilled and the crowd is mostly 25-40 year olds.


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