Rummin' Tings
    Central, Hong Kong

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    There aren’t many places in the world where you could say “meet me in the Caribbean theme bar under the escalator”. If Rummin’ Tings – a pun on running we’re guessing – has an unmissable location, then it also offers something that no other bar in the city has; a “rhumerie” with a whopping 80 different rums to choose from. Hailing from across the islands there are more then enough to sample that should dispel the idea that most rums taste the same. When it comes to the short list of classic cocktails, its hard to look past the Lawd Ah Mercy or the cachaca-based Caipirinha. There’s a bit of a 1950s diner feel to the furniture, and a slightly bonkers nautical mural covering the wall running the length of the bar. Coming from the same gang as Fatty Crab, it should be no surprise that the home-cooking style menu hits the right spots, with a menu of West Indian favourites, like goat curry and jerk chicken that are worth sampling even if rum cocktails are not your ting.  With DJs spinning a mix of tunes - no clichéd reggae, phew - and the front doors folded back opening the bar to the world, the good times often spill out onto the pavement where summer temperatures and good vibes can combine like a micro street party. Read More Find out more about the Bar Stars at Rummin' Tings

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