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    You can’t fault a bar that has oil paintings of David Bowie and actor Bill Murray on the wall. Especially if these cultural heroes are re-imagined as generals from the Napoleonic wars. They both hang on the back wall of Stockton’s dimly lit interior, that rocks a steam-punk, 19th-century parlour vibe with other decorative twists among the leather-bound furniture and secluded wood booths. The cocktail list harks back to a more genteel era, although the playfulness evident in the bar’s theme spills over to the fulsome descriptions on the menu. A Bajan Housewife is recommended for those favouring something a little more tart, with rum, Angostura Bitters and citrus, while the whisky-based Brass Monkey is another of the signature drinks. The Hawtrey - named after the British “Carry On” films actor Charles Hawtrey - is the go-to cocktail for gin-drinkers. Beetroot gravlax, homemade country terrine and cracked mud crab with avocado offer a taste of something a bit different on the menu. The secluded location - down an alleyway just off Wyndham Street and up a short flight of stairs - is a good fit for Stockton’s desire to recreate a little bit of London in the 1890s, although thankfully nothing more menacing than a polite door-person to greet you lies in wait. 

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