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    Central, Hong Kong

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    6185 2002

    Stalwart of the (British) expat community, the Globe has undergone a transformation in recent years, going from down-at-heel local to much larger, airier digs and a makeover into something resembling a classy gastropub. It’s still a no-nonsense boozer though, albeit one with excellent food and a superb, rotating beer list. With an impressive array of taps, there is always something new to pick and proprietor Toby is superbly knowledgeable, as is his right hand man and bar manager Pat. Beers range from good old Blighty (for the homesick) to an impressive collection of American, Antipodean and European offerings. There is a core list of favourites but Pat and Toby will often switch things up, meaning there is always something new to try, and a couple of evangelical beer lovers on hand to recommend something for every palate. Cocktails are also well-regarded, using quality spirits and mixers to create excellent iterations of the classics. The Martin Miller Gin and Tonic, served with a sprinkling of juniper berries is always a pleasure, and the bar’s take on the Bloody Mary is one of the finest this reviewer has had the pleasure of drinking -- a fiery, thick concoction which is almost a meal in the glass and certainly should not be relegated to simply servicing the brunch crowd. It’s known throughout Hong Kong for its pies, and while the menu is not extensive it rarely disappoints, both in quality and quantity. Its not all stick-to-your-ribs fare but does offer some refreshing takes on some old British favourites. As an expat getaway, it is a home away from home, with old copies of British tabloids stacked on the bar and a comfy lounge area, complete with board games, for those long Sunday pub lunches.

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