Salon Number 10
    City-Center, Hong Kong

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    From the outside you can’t read much into Salon Number 10. Its name is as bland as the road its on is quiet (Arbuthnot Road has a developed a rep for its high turnover of bars and restaurants). However the curiously shaped front window and Hobbit-esque front door give a hint of what lies inside. In a way it’s a shame to spoil the surprise of what that is, because on entering this one-time private members club visitors are hit by such a cavalcade of quirk that anyone familiar with Hong Kong’s myriad bars won’t fail to be delighted by its gutsy attempt to be different. The vaulted ceiling, walls studded with glowing portholes and a stuffed peacock by the entrance are just some of the features that could make you feel like you’re in an episode of 1960s psychedelic TV show, “The Prisoner”. But it’s far from a bad place to be trapped. Fold out the A3-sized cocktail list and there are a mix of classics and elaborate house specials, like the Earl Grey tea and elderflower liqueur-infused “Narcissist” or rose-petal blushed “Marie la Rose” to keep most people happy, all prepared in the open kitchen behind the bar. Naturally no one style dominates the decor with a few “zones”, one of which incorporates a menagerie of animal-themed woven cushions with formica tables and great brass horns as spotlights. Perhaps most popular with the 30- and 40-something member of the city’s “creative class”, the staff here are as cool as the music policy, with live jazz on Wednesday nights and occasional other live acts, like mind-readers and mentalists, to add a further taste of the deliciously different.  Read More Find out more about the Bar Stars at Salon Number 10

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