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    City-Center, Hong Kong

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    Antonio Lai has form, having already got the acclaimed Angel’s Share and Origin under his belt. The Envoy, at boutique hotel The Pottinger, is a similarly intimate space with a long, wooden bar and low-hanging lights. There’s also an attractive terrace area which boasts some superb city views. Cocktails are properly inventive and gorgeously presented. There’s an element of theatre in their approach, a revelling in detail, which is really appealing. Drinks include the Dewdrops of the Heart, an elegant, fragrant blend of vodka, green tea and jasmine double-strength tea, jasmine flowers, and homemade pandan syrup. The Birds of a Feather is equally layered, blending whisky, blueberry and pomegranate tea syrup, wild blueberry jam, malt essence and lemon juice. (It also comes in a gorgeous bird-shaped glass - which we covet – and is a bit like drinking a liquid robin). Tea crops again and again on the drinks list and is inventively used. You absolutely need to try the Dinosaur, an innovative mix of Milo powder, Godiva chocolate liqueur, milk and vodka. It’s a glorious thing in very many ways. Read More Find our more about the stars at The Envoy at Bar Stars

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