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    Located in a hidden basement space only a few steps from the Thames River, Demon, Wise, and Partners makes world class cocktails from the absolute best - and imaginative - ingredients possible, breaking some established cocktail bar rules along the way. Demon, Wise, and Partners is located below The Arbitrager -  itself a pretty stellar beer and G&T bar - on Throgmorton Street. Once down the stairs, you will be in a venue heavy on low light, dark woods, and taupe booths. Unlike most venues, there is no standing allowed at the bar, it's table service only, therefore reservations are definitely recommended. Some of the stars of the menu are the Julep à la Vamp; premium American bourbon, maple syrup and peach bitters, along with the 27 Sling; heritage Russian vodka, Italian aperitif, chamomile & violet syrup, lime, all topped with Champagne. If you are wondering where the name of the bar came from, here's where the true rule-breaking comes in. The 'Demon' and 'Wise' are cocktails, each made with rare and extremely hard to find ingredients, and they are the house specials. The Demon's flavors are meant to conjure our inner wickedness and daring (and its ingredients will always exemplify this) while the Wise is made of mature and more complex ingredients. Each drink will only be made a hundred times, after that, it's replaced with a new version with completely different ingredients but reflecting the same theme. Not many bars would have the guts to pull something like that off, but when you bring the goods like they do at Demon, Wise, and Partners, you can pretty much get away with anything. Besides, what was that phrase about rules being meant to be broken?

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