The Nightjar
    City and East London, London

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    The Nightjar (appropriately named for a nocturnal bird) is the latest arrival to a less than lovely corner of London. Located just off Old Street, the vibe is that of a speakeasy, Hoxton-style, all potent Prohibition-era drinks and vintage clobber. There's a library area and a members space with the now de rigueur pressed tin ceiling, while the entrance is hidden away amid an unassuming array of 24 hour cafes. The drinks hark back to an earlier age and many are mixed from house liqueurs and bitters; there's also regular live music, jazz, swing, 21st century cabaret. Sally Bowles would not feel out of place.

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    "Jet lagged, pressed for time, en route to a myriad of countries on a whirlwind adventure, I found myself in London. After a brief email-athon with my current mentor/manager Shaun Byrne, I was verbally persuaded that if I didn't make it to The Nightjar, I've wasted my whole time abroad. After indulging in a number of (extravagantly adorned) libations, I'm inclined to agree. The attention to detail, down to each unique receptacle. What an experience." - Trish Brew of Gin Palace, Melbourne Read More

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