Emporium Eatery & Bar
    City-Center, Napier

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    Emporium is an incredibly attractive bar and restaurant at Napier's Art Deco Masonic Hotel a feast for the eyes as well as the belly. Designed by Tom Skyring, the place is elegant and opulent, all leather and wood, with a stunning marble bar. Handsome Art Deco features pepper the room, blending the contemporary with something more timeless and iconic. There's an extensive cocktail list and a menu of dishes designed for sharing. Open from breakfast, it's a great all day space for lingering with a drink or two, or celebrating an occasion. From the cocktail list, a Strawberry Royale replaces cassis with strawberry puree in a variant on the classic aperitif, a Cabernet Cobbler is a potent blend of cognac, Grand Marnier, Crème de Framboise, and pureed raspberries topped with Cabernet Sauvignon, while a Spiced Peach Mojito puts a fruity twist on a favourite. The Pineapple and Chilli Mule packs a punch and the 42nd Street is a sweetly effervescent mix of passion fruit vodka, passion fruit syrup, apple juice and vanilla sugar, topped with Trinity Hill Methode Blanc de Blanc. There's a good range of bottled beer and new world wine available and some excellent bar food and bigger dishes, including lamb shank with chickpeas and root vegetables or an Angus sirloin steak with tobacco onions. They also carry a great range of New Zealand cheeses if you want to round out your meal in style.

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