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    It's a brave venue which takes over the space formerly occupied by the influential and much-loved Milk and Honey. Sasha Petraske's iconic cocktail bar has relocated to bigger premises near Gramercy Park, and in its place comes Attaboy, a new cocktail den which is the brainchild of Sam Ross and Michael McIlroy, two former bartenders from the original M&H.

    The space has been given a minor makeover; the booths are now gone, doubling the size of the bar, and the walls have been given a bit of a whitewash. There is no written cocktail list, instead your bartender will ask you about your tastes and favourite spirits and whip something up to suit your mood.

    These guys are out to impress and know their stuff, so don't be afraid to be too precise or adventurous in your requests set them a challenge they can rise to. Alongside the bespoke cocktails, there are plans underway to introduce canned beer and charcuterie plates, and unlike its predecessor, reservations are no longer required to secure a table.

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