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    Located, as the name suggests, at 230 5th Avenue, bars like this are what the expense account was made for. The owner, art collector Steven Greenberg, has gone all out, sparing no expense to create the kind of lavish experience fans of his previous projects, the Roxy and the Palladium, have come to expect. Ride up in the gilded elevator and enter an opulent mirror-lined room, art deco in style but with a twist of late 20th century excess. The bar is peppered with inviting suede sofas and striking modernist furnishings, basking in the decadent glow of purple fluorescent lights. Floor to ceiling windows reveal the glittering skyline beyond, but if this isn't quite spectacular enough for you ascend another level, up the chrome staircase, and you arrive at a stunning rooftop space.
    Read More  This is New York's largest outdoor roof garden and it stays open all year round, with oversize umbrellas to keep the rain off when the weather's inclement, or to provide some welcome shade on hot sunny days. The views are utterly stunning, the New York skyline shining, the Empire State Building standing totemic before you. And with an array of wooden benches and garden chairs provided, there's space for 500 to drink in the open-air atmosphere. Cocktails are pricey but decent and there's an admirably varied wine list. Despite the surprisingly lenient door policy and spacious bar, the popularity of 230 Fifth means it can sometimes take a while to get in. But it's worth the wait for the view alone.

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