Le Coq
    Bastille and the Marais, Paris

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    Le Coq is the latest venture from London's renowned Tony Conigliario (of the much admired 69 Colebrooke Row and the wonderfully eccentric Zetter Townhouse). He's teamed up with partners Thierry Daniel and Eric Frossard to create a hip new bar in the 10th arrondisement, right around the corner from Place de la Republique. The short but creative drinks list favours the floral and aromatic over the sweet and easy-sipping.

    As one would expect from Conigiliario, these are complex, layered drinks, cocktails to savour. Their Fig Leaf Collins is made with gin, lemon juice and a good dash of home-made fig leaf syrup. French ingredients, like chartreuse and liqueur d'ambrette, give the drinks a particularly Parisian twist. The décor exudes 70s glamour, all pop art and low-light, coupled a faintly rock and roll atmosphere, an intentional aesthetic shift of the 1920s/30s vive so prevalent at the moment.
    Read More The walls are black, the concrete raw, and a monochrome Marianne Faithful stares out at you as you ponder the cocktail list. Prices are very reasonable indeed given the quality of drinks on offer and if you're weekending in Paris you definitely should add this place to your itinerary tout de suite.

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