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    Le Louvre, Paris

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    With sister venues in St Tropez, Monaco and Cannes (namely, the playgrounds of the rich and fabulous) the VIP Room's Parisian original is hot and it knows it, just like most of the patrons it attracts. Don't even attempt to get in if you're looking scruffy, and whatever you're wearing you may need to buff up your self-esteem before you go, since looking at all those beautiful people can do terrible things to a less than robust ego. Housed in the famous La Scala building, the space is as attractive as the people who frequent it - think mirrored pillars, lots of expensively upholstered seating and illuminated cocktail tables at which to sip champagne and some of the pricey (well, what were you expecting?) cocktails. There are lots of comfy sofas scattered around from which to eye up the other guests (or maybe ensure they're eyeing up you); this is the kind of place you go to be seen at. Music pounds and glitter balls sparkle two storeys above the dance floor; there's little cutting edge about this place, but it's the atmosphere exclusive and glamorous - and the reputation that has them queuing up outside. (When a place holds the Fashion Week After Party event, that gives you a flavour of the target market). There are regular events and parties held at the venue, and it gets very packed out indeed at peak times - a dinner reservation is recommended on busy weekends otherwise you could spend much of your night out in the cold.

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