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    Boasting a handsome courtyard and patio area, Manolin serves up tasty seafood dishes in relaxed yet not unstylish surroundings. Chef Alex Barkley and partners Joe Sundberg, Rachel Johnson, and Patrick Thalasinos are doing some excellent things here. The nautical-themed space, all wood, steel and tile, is dominated by a U-shaped bar, behind which bartenders make quality Caribbean-inspired cocktails. There’s a wood-fired grill and a general buzz about the place which is pleasing. Their ceviche is zingy and achingly fresh, they do a beautiful tea-smoked squid dish and a smoked arctic char with turnip and sour cream. While fish is the main event here they serve seriously creative vegetable dishes and salads – think fall vegetable slaw with spicy almonds, or kale with sunchokes and sweet peppers. The drinks are a cut above, fruit and fresh, and their butterscotch pannacotta an excellent way to round things out. There’s a no reservation policy so you can just walk in and prices are extremely reasonable give n the quality of the ingredients and the cooking.  Read More Photo credit - Manolin

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