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    Bars near the heart of university districts typically don't end up with esteemed reputations for mixology and whisky selection, but there aren't many bars out there like d.still. In the middle of the hustle-and-bustle surrounding Hongik University and its notorious party-hardy student population, d.still raises the bar with a sprinkling of seasonal ingredients throughout their extensive cocktail list, a subdued and stylish atmosphere, and a wide variety of whiskies. From the outside, d.still effortlessly blends into its surroundings, but once inside, the light woods and whites that color the interior of the bar present a welcoming and modern tone - a perfect match for their cocktails. D.still's bar staff have trained extensively and are regarded as one of Seoul's most skilled at classic composition and presentation, but are also well-known for not sticking to the script. While their always-evolving cocktail menu will probably provide a drink or two that will satisfy you, all guests are encouraged to ask the staff to mix up a custom drink just for them, and due to the seasonal nature of the ingredients stocked at d.still, some combinations only come around once a year. In addition to being at the forefront of Seoul's mixology scene, d.still is also home to shelves of whisky from around the world - with a special emphasis on Scotland - gourmet bar bites, and soothing DJ sets that will keep you coming back long after graduation. 

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