Liquid Soul
    City-Center, Seoul

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    With its gilded mirror, intricate lattice work behind the bar, and patchy concrete ceiling, the impressive first impression of Liquid Soul is that it just simply feels different from other cocktail bars in Seoul. After an evening spent imbibing here, this hunch of uniqueness will be confirmed: Liquid Soul is special. Offering a stylish and modern venue with not even the slightest whiff of stuffiness, Liquid Soul provides top notch cocktail service to compete with the best in Seoul, while still flexing enough fun to attract a very well-rounded and stylish crowd. Part of what makes Liquid Soul special is that the bar can truly be all things to all people. The cocktail list is filled to the rim with creative house specialties and both new classics like mojitos - served in voluptuous curved classes - and old classics like martinis, which are often flavored with unique ingredients like cucumber and pineapple. This creates a fun vibe at Liquid Soul full of those looking to catch up on the latest cocktail trends and those just looking to simply catch up with friends. Like any self-respecting Seoul hotspot, Liquid Soul's shelves are fully stocked with the best whisky direct from the Scotland, and whether you prefer your golden nectar straight up or on the rocks, Liquid Soul has a glass waiting. 

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