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    You'd have to be stir-fry, bacon-sizzling, cr-cr-cr-cr-crazy to visit Seoul without sucking back your bodyweight in Korean barbecue at least once. Yet this little place on the outskirts of expat-friendly Itaewon serves up a type of BBQ that's far from yer average bulgogi – Korean-Southern fusion, donchaknow? Think pulled pork or smoked brisket on steamed buns, noodle bowls sat alongside burgers topped with Monterey Jack. Founded by Johnny Yu, Robbie Nguyen and Mr. Abowd, three American expatriate chaps who craft drinks under the memorable moniker The Southern Sons, the cocktails here are even more exceptional than the food, fusing Tex-Mex themes with Asian ingredients and Tiki attitude for a unique set of flavours that'll have you rolling on the squashy leather sofas. The small but perfectly formed drinks list changes regularly, and there's always a special or two, but if you can't wait for the next season of Game of Thrones, why not indulge in a Khaleesi? A suitably exotic blend of Aperol, home-made Pimm's, lychee, rosemary, lemon, cucumber, mint and soda, it's the perfect refreshing accompaniment to your favourite Asian Tex-Mex fare. Downhome, unfussy décor marries vintage sofas with diner-style bar stools, cartoon posters with brushed concrete, to create what's really a very contemporary pub. Between the draught brews, the board games, the books, and all that porky goodness, Southside Parlor is the perfect place to start an evening off and exactly where we'd start if we'd just moved to town and wanted to make new friends in a low-pressure environment.

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