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    Bar High Five has received more than its fair share of metaphorical celebratory hand slaps over the years.
    Through the talent and direction of Hidetsugu Ueno it has become one of the most respected and popular classic Ginza-style bars in Tokyo.
    The new location is still very much in and of Ginza and the bonus, perhaps, is that it has almost doubled in size in its new basement setting. That doesn’t make it big, but the dark wood panelling and long counter facing a spectacular, gleaming selection of bottles - the top shelf is dedicated to scotch and whisky; well over 200 at last count – allows enough room for around ten bar seats.
    The current newness of the bar doesn’t jar with the continuation of amazing cocktails, classics mostly but with surprising innovation. Don’t ask for a menu. There isn’t one.
    Instead Kurakami, or one of the junior bar staff will ask your tastes and suggest something. Trust them and you will be rewarded. Read More Food is generally relegated to fruit for the drinks, although a small yet delicious selection of amuse bouche is presented to each guests, together with a refreshing warm towel.
    The slow jazz soundtrack greets more people after dinner, couples rather than groups. But perhaps such quality and renown has its own cost.

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