Eighteenth Street Lounge
    Dupont Circle, Washington DC

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    Teddy Roosevelt once lived in this magnificent historic mansion on 18th Street, part of the coveted Dupont Circle district. These days it's an ultra-classy lounge-club that's so chic it doesn't advertise and hardly has its name above the door. Regulars are big-name politicos, celebrity locals and upscale out-of-towners who continue the high-brow standards set by the former Prez. At ESL (as it's called by those in the know) bouncers stand guard outside and it's best to leave your jeans and trainers at home if you want a sniff at getting in. The venue is spread over two floors with a stairwell between, and the d├ęcor is very classic think vintage style wallpaper, lush drapes, Chesterfields and wing back chairs so you can imagine old Teddy himself would still feel right at home. The clientele, however, are bang up to date: gorgeous girls in Prada, Dolce and Versace reclining on couches sipping negronis, watching dashing men in Armani smoke imported cigars while drinking iced bourbon. The venue has been going strong since it opened in 1995 and owner/founder Farid Nouri still holds the reins and maintains his commitment to the local music scene. DJs spin hot urban tunes, those with the urge to boogie take to the dance floor and the general Sex and the City-meets-West Wing vibe gives out a rather powerful and seductive energy. There are also live bands showcased through the week, and music can be anything including hip hop, reggae, funk, Latin and jazz, so there's sure to be something to get your feet tapping. The venue is split into five discrete spaces the Main Room, The Gold Room, The Jazz Bar, The Studio Bar and Deck Bar the latter a gorgeous outside terrace that allows you to make the most of a warm evening.

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