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    Boucle d'Or

    Boucle d'or cocktail by Jefrey's paris

    Gold is sunshine.

    Suze based cocktails


    • 40 ml Cognac
    • 20 ml Absinthe roux
    • 10 ml Suze classique
    • Ice Cubes
    • Gold powder

    how to mix a Boucle d'Or

    Put Cognac, Absintheroux and Suze on a mixing glass. Stir. Serve on an ice cube with your signature stamp and gold powder.


    • Rate :
    • Glass type : Rocks Glass
    • Taste : Bitter, Spirits palpable
    • Skill level : easy
    • Main spirit : Cognac

    Bars to enjoy Boucle d'Or

    photo of Jefrey's bar in Paris

    Jefrey's Bastille and the Marais, Paris

    There's a dash of the gentlemen's club to Jefrey's, a handsome hide-out for the dapper and moustachioed. Inside this stylish, silver-walled space you'll find plush purple seating, elegant brown leathe...

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