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    Tango (from France)

    Tango cocktail by le garage à lumières bar

    "Far from the fatal séduction clichés, the tango utopia is fusion" E. Honorin. The Bartender from Le Garage à Lumières in France wanted this cocktail as complex as the dance, a legacy to the origins of it, Argentina, to the place were it began decent to dance it, France, to the color of love, pink. This cocktail is the fusion of the all story of tango, a touch of bitterness and spice, some sweetness and tenderness, complexity and freedom.

    Suze based cocktails


    • 4 cL Suze classique
    • 3 cL Pisco
    • Egg White
    • 1.5 cL sugar syrup
    • 1 Moka Spoon Chimichurri Pompano
    • 2 crushed Raspberry
    • 2 cL Lime Juice
    • Basil

    how to mix a Tango (from France)

    Crush the raspberries and spices in the shaker, add the lime juice, the Suze, the pisco, the egg white and the sugar, add ice cubes, shake really strongly, pour in a glass filtering it, garnish the glass with a basil head and a touch of spices


    • Rate :
    • Glass type : Champagne Coupe
    • Taste : Bitter, Fresh, Fruity, Spirits palpable
    • Skill level : average
    • Main spirit : Suze classique