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    Teurastamo G&T

    Teurastamo G&T cocktail by Timo Siitonen

    This modern gin and tonic has been created by Timo Siitonen (founder of A21) as a signature drink for the old abattoir area Teurastamo in Helsinki, Finland.


    • 40 ml Helsinki Distilling Company Dry gin
    • 1 tablespoon Lingonberries
    • 1 slice Grapefruit
    • Tonic Water

    how to mix a Teurastamo G&T

    Fill glass with ice and add lingonberries and pink grapefruit on top. Measure gin and pour into glass. Top up with tonic and mix. Enjoy cold!


    • Rate :
    • Glass type : Highball Glass
    • Taste : Berry, Bitter, Fresh
    • Skill level : easy
    • Main spirit : Gin

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