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    Unfaithful cocktail at Curfew cocktail bar in Denmark

    The idea of putting this cocktail together came from a research on liquorice and cucumber; every guy has wished for a miracle musk; a magical cologne that can ensnare the woman of his dreams. No such secret formula exists, of course, but the right scents can put a woman in the mood. Humberto from Curfew bar in Denmark created a cocktail based on this idea. In the late 90s, Alan Hirsch, MD of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, set out to discover which scents really push people’s buttons. He exposed subjects to several scents and measured their sexual arousal by monitoring the blood vessels in and around the erotic zones of the human body. The result? A liquorice and cucumber concoction was the most effective in triggering a response in both women and men.
It’s an odd combination, but Hirsch found that it boosted sexual appetite in women more than any other smell. The explanation? "Odors are intricately associated with sexual arousal", Hirsch says. Licorice and cucumber don’t seem sexy, but Hirsch theorizes that their smells may make women comfortable and lower their anxiety levels.


    • 5 cL Hendrick's Gin
    • 4 slices Cucumber
    • 1 cL Cointreau
    • 3 cL Lemon Juice
    • 2 cL Honey
    • 0.5 Bar Spoon Raw Liquorice

    how to mix a Unfaithful

    Raw liquorice can be steamed, pressed or granulated Muddle, dry shake, shake over ice and fine strain into a vintage Cocktail glass. Garnish: Burnt Liquorice stick


    • Rate :
    • Glass type : Martini Glass
    • Taste : Fresh, Sour
    • Skill level : average
    • Main spirit : Gin

    Bars to enjoy Unfaithful

    Photo of Curfew bar in Copenhagen

    Curfew City-Center, Copenhagen

    Curfew, situated near the Central Station, has a somewhat humble exterior but inside it’s heaven for cocktail enthusiasts. Award-winning bartender Humberto Marques and his staff serve exceptional...