Old Fashioneds Week arrives in time with Paris Fashion Week

    Old Fashioneds Week arrives in time with Paris Fashion Week

    The Old Fashioned is a true classic. This popular cocktail is made by muddling sugar with bitters, along with whiskey, though rum, rye or cognac can be used too, and finishing the whole thing off with a twist of citrus. Its beauty is in its simplicity, and the way it lets the base spirit shine. It’s a potent drink too, traditionally served short and strong, a drink full of character – one to sit and savour.

    It’s a cocktail with a history, dating back to the 19th century and while variants on the Old Fashioned existed for a while, it was given its name in the 1880s. Its precise origins are disputed, as these things often are, with lots of bars wanting to stake a claim over it, but the Pendennis Club in Kentucky has one of the most persuasive cases for originating the drink in the form we’ve come to love.

    This year in France, to coincide with Paris Fashion Week, the country will play host to Old Fashioned Week, a national event that will see more than 50 bars joining in and celebrating this versatile drink. Taking place from 1st-7th October, a number of hip and stylish Paris bars will be taking part, including Molitor, the swish new bar and hotel housed in the city’s iconic art deco swimming baths; the bright, buzzing Andy Whaloo; Little Red Door, with its candle-lit New York vibe; the hip Prescription, and Sherry Butt, the latest craft cocktail den from the ECC team. Bars across the rest of France are also taking part, 42 in all.

    Bartenders at the participating bars have been asked to create two different versions of the drink: a classic version and their own original recipe. There are 8 recipes to choose from and cocktails will be available throughout the week at a fixed price of 9 Euros. The goal is to celebrate and democratise the drink: to remind people just how satisfying it can be when done well and demonstrate just why it has achieved its iconic status.

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    Article created on 29/09/2015

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