Vote for your favourite bar in Belgium and win prizes!

    Vote for your favourite bar in Belgium and win prizes!

    We’ve got wind of a great new competition being run in Belgium to decide the public’s favourite bar. It sounds like there will be some amazing events happening at bars across the country to support it so definitely worth getting involved - Bar Mappa Mundo is also taking part! The competition has already started but you still have a while to get involved as it closes on June 4th. Voting is open throughout.

    How does it work? To vote for your favourite bar you just have to go to There you can find all participating bars and see how they are doing in the vote. The bars have put up lots of information on their profiles and can organise events to garner more support so it is worth checking out what they have coming up and get involved.

    These events (activation nights) are organized through the website to encourage people to vote for them. During these nights you can vote every 15 minutes for your favorite bar and this will activate an offer which could be an extension of the happy hour or even bring the price of drinks down. You can keep track of the progress of the bar activation in real-time on your mobile or directly on the screen of the bar. 

    There’s a lot at stake as the winning bar’s team get a trip to a famous distillery and the chance to explore the city nightlife in Sweden, Dublin or London. You as a voter won’t be left out! For every vote you go into a prize draw for one of a 1000 prizes: Cocktail packs, glass sets, hats and so on.

    So if you’re in Belgium before June 4th make sure you get involved.

    Article created on 24/05/2016

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