Washington D.C. Triple Hop

    Washington D.C. Triple Hop

    When you visit the US capital, you can spend the day getting all of your sightseeing in. Once you’re finished taking stock of Ford’s Theatre, the White House and the Washington Monument – it’s time to see what the city’s nightlife has to offer. We scoped out three new bars so you can have your PM walk around this historical city all mapped out. On to the triple hop!

    1. The Hamilton
    First stop is a new lounge and eatery that the founding fathers surely would have approved of. After all, this one-stop-shop for all of your nightlife needs was named after Alexander Hamilton himself, who the bar’s owners describe as a “founding father, mover, shaker and lover.” Surely old Alex would have liked to kick back and watch the space’s live music acts after a day of debate, or maybe he’d want to chow down on the reasonably priced menu of New American grub. Surely he couldn’t argue with the antique mahogany bar or the artisanal, domestically produced spirits that are the focus of the mixology program. The founders did incorporate a lot of international influences into the USA, so don’t be surprise by the extensive sake list that also is available here. Oh, and this joint is open 24 hours, so if you want to make it the last stop before bed – go for it

    2. Bar Rouge
    Next up, head somewhere a little more swanky (and red for that matter), with a stop at Bar Rouge, which is located a short walk away (and both spots are close to all the sites). The lounge is inside the Kimpton Rouge hotel, and the décor’s hue matches its name with red walls and floors that are complemented by a selection of white furniture. The hotel bar isn’t brand new, but it recently reopened after a renovation and revamp of its food and beverage program, meaning you’ll be able to score some choice tipples that include ingredients that were grown on the hotel’s rooftop garden. The lounge also added some wine on draft to its selection – just don’t drink too much of it, as you don’t want your face to make like the walls and turn red

    3. Graffiato
     Last stop on this hop is a restaurant helmed by a local celebrity – Mike Isabella, who competed on two seasons of culinary challenge show Top Chef. His restaurant Graffiato has proved popular with both fans of the show and DC foodies alike, and there is a burgeoning bar scene that should keep any visiting drinker happy. Even though the eatery is on the border of DC’s small Chinatown, the menu keeps the focus on the cuisine of Italy. Many of the drinks are on the lighter side, which means they pair well with the hearty chow (both food and beverage can be enjoyed at the large front bar area, where is where it’s at scene wise). They also make use of local ingredients, including a bunch of spirits that hail from the area. Giving back to the community like that? The founding fathers would be so proud!

    So what are triple hops & why are they being brought to you by Jameson?
    Sometimes you don’t want to stay put for the evening, sometimes you want to make a proper night of it. World’s Best Bars is happy to oblige with some suggestions of possible bar hops that are perfectly achievable in one night. What with Jameson being triple distilled we thought three seemed like a pretty good number. Of course the best bar hops are the ones you remember. That’s our way of saying have fun, but do so in responsible way. Here endeth the lesson. Now go out and enjoy yourselves. Three bars, one night, all care of Jameson and World's Best Bars. 

    Article created on 18/12/2014

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